Christmas Turkey Soup – Bob Long

Well – here’s my favorite Turkey Soup recipe – it’s really handy to use up all that juicy turkey meat on the carcass and any other ‘left overs’ from the festive meal.

Right after the big family Christmas dinner, while everyone is clambering around the kitchen cleaning up (yeah right) you’ll find me getting a big pot ready to start the soup right away.

After cutting all the excess meat off the carcass and packing it up to make Turkey Ala King. (Check last year’s Advance news) I pile all the bones into the pot– especially those huge honkin’ drumsticks that nobody wants, all the left over veggies (yes even the brussel sprouts) a little of the mashed potatoes, basically anything that you’ve got that you don’t really want to save. Then add some spices - cayenne is nice – perhaps a bay leaf or two – any leftover wine that Grandma couldn’t finish, garlic for sure, pepper, salt then cover with cold water and boil for a while.

Then before we go to bed, I’ll put the soup in the fridge ‘till the next day. Sometimes I can remember not being able to fit it in the fridge and it was cold enough that I could put it outside on the porch – but that was before El Nino so now you’ll have to find room in the fridge!

The next day I pick all the meat from the bones – it‘s a yucky job, so you need to be prepared to have lots of paper towel in case you have to answer the phone. Then put the meat back in the pot, add some celery, onions and lots of carrots! Let it simmer for a while and then thicken by using a potato masher to mush the carrots.

I love this soup – but because it’s so healthy, the kids tend to shy away from it – so I portion it out into those cool new plastic containers and freeze them for another cold winters day ahead.

Merry Christmas!


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